Adventure Awaits - Become a Boy Scount
Become a Trained Leader
Cub Scouting is about the Kids, which means Parents are the lifeblood of the pack. Without them, the program would be limited and our Scouts would be missing out on the fun and valuable guidence. It is very easy to become a Trained Leader in our pack. ALL the required training can be taken online - so you can take the training at your own pace.

Steps to Leadership
  1. Talk to a current leader (Cubmaster, Pack trainer, Committee Chair, Den Leader) about your willingness to help
    1. How much time you would like to dedicate weekly?
    2. Which role would best fit your talents?
    3. Which role would best fit your comfort level?
  2. Complete Council Specific Training (45 Minutes)
    1. Fill out & print Adult Leader Application on Join Scouts! Page
    2. Go to & create an account.
    3. Take the following courses at
      1. Youth Protection Training
        • Print the Youth Protection Traing Certificate (available upon completion of the course)
      2. This is Scouting
      3. Leader Specific (which role you will be performing)
    4. Submit the certificate & the application to the Pack Trainer/Cubmaster
  3. Complete Pack Specific Training (90 Minutes)
    1. Akela Trail Overview
    2. Your Pack Account
    3. Your Pack Gmail
    4. Email the Webmaster
    5. Learning Google Calendars
    6. Update Your Calendar
    7. How News Stories Work
    8. Write and Post a Story
    9. Managing Your Contacts
    10. Sending Group Emails
    11. Documents & Sharing
    12. Share a Document